Background and purpose

Beneficial AI Tokyo, a one-day workshop was held on October 12, 2017 to explore the challenges of building an effective global community to ensure that the development of AI is safe and beneficial.

The participants from academia, NPOs/NGOs, and industry expressed commitment to working towards AI for good and endorsed a Conference Statement ‘Cooperation for Beneficial AI’ (a.k.a. “Tokyo Statement”)

In the spirit of the Tokyo Statement, establish a network to bring in diversity of values in consideration of AI‘s impact on society (both benefit and risk) by involving various regions and actors.


  1. Provide information and events related to Beneficial AI research within Japan and overseas
  2. Hold workshops and give feedback to established guidelines for AI development
  3. Cultivate and foster the next generation of AI engineers and BAI researchers
  4. Establish a platform for collaboration to advance Beneficial AI research and held symposium and workshop to promote research and development of AI technologies in a beneficial way
  5. Bridge the key overseas BAI groups and Japan’s AI community, deepen exchanges and foster international collaboration

Contact: bai.japan2017[at]gmail.com