“Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence/Robotics and Work/Employment”公開のお知らせ

国立国会図書館 平成29年度 科学技術に関する調査プロジェクト:人工知能・ロボットと労働・雇用をめぐる視点, 2018 の全訳(英語)がAIRのウェブサイトで公開されました:

Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence/Robotics and Work/Employment

Preface for English translation


Part 1 Trends in Research and Technology
Ⅰ Knowledge Processing and Machine Learning
Ⅱ Natural Language Processing
Ⅲ Image Acquisition and Recognition
Ⅳ Speech Interfaces
Ⅴ Human-Agent Interaction
Ⅵ Robots
Ⅶ Internet of Things
Ⅷ Multi-agent Systems
Ⅸ Crowdsourcing

Part 2 AI Trends by Domain
Ⅰ Healthcare
Ⅱ Elderly Care
Ⅲ Art and Design
Ⅳ Education
Ⅴ Hospitality
Ⅵ Transportation / Mobility
Ⅶ Agriculture
Ⅷ Public Order and Security
Column 1 AI applications for Defense and National Security Overseas
Column 2 Japanese Chess (Shōgi)

Part 3 AI and Employment Overseas, and in Development, Utilization and Management of Human Resources
Ⅰ AI, Robotics and Employment Policy Trends in US
Ⅱ AI, Robotics and Employment Policy Trends in EU and Germany
Ⅲ AI and Employment Issues in France
Ⅳ AI, Robotics, and Labor in the Chinese Workplace
Ⅴ Technological Innovation and Employment
Ⅵ Human Resources and Labor Management by IT and its Regulation: Japan and Overseas
Ⅶ Development and Recruitment of AI-related Human Resources